PTCL Speed Test

The number of internet users in the country is undoubtedly huge. However, many users often face difficulty dealing with their slow internet. The PTCL speed test tool is the handiest and easy tool for everyone who is familiar with basic browsing. Although the tool is not designed to solve your internet speed problems, it still provides a comprehensive insight into your internet quality and speed at the moment of testing it.

Many internet users are unfamiliar with the speed testing websites and tools available on the internet. It is often perceived that a speed testing tool is a technical tool that a common internet user may not be able to understand. However, the truth begs to differ. The speed testing tools or websites are very simple and easy to understand. The primary objective of these is to show the user the most recent or current internet speed. This way, users can simply analyze if they need to call their internet company for troubleshooting or if it is a problem at their end.

Is Speed Testing an Easy Process?

Our objective is to provide a speed testing website that caters to the needs of most internet users in the country. If you have tried out some websites and had trouble understanding the stats, we would like to take your worry away. We value the importance of time in today’s fast-paced working environment. Therefore, our initiative is to enable as many broadband users in the country as we can to make the internet speed testing process brief and simpler.

Internet Quality and Status

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Broadband services are the most vital need of the day for all professionals as well as home stayers. Whether you have to make a quick search on Google, find a nearby place, or shop online, you need to have a stable and efficient internet connection. Most users in Pakistan often beat their heads for poor internet connectivity in their area. However, many common internet users find it difficult to understand how the internet works and how can they check if their internet service provider (ISP) is delivering the promised speed. To cater to the needs of such users in the country, internet speed test websites have come in the picture.

Slow Internet Speed – Commonly Reported Issues

PTCL Speed Test

In Pakistan, the overall technical status of networking routes is often a point of concern for the local internet users while most of the users are using PTCL internet. The frustration of users is based on several reasons. The most common complaint that rings the phone of internet service providers in the country is paying high monthly payments for lackluster internet service. More often than not, web and mobile users issue complaint requests for not getting the promised internet speed or volume per month. So cutting long story short, you can use our PTCL Speed test tool to verify your speed statistics.

Another highlighting reason for all the frustration is the signal strength. Think of a time when you subscribed to a new internet service provider in your area and it turned out that there is insufficient signal strength at your home. We understand the trouble that you might have gone through to deal with it. For one reason or the other, internet speed test websites help you a great deal in checking the status of your internet when you like.

Regardless of the reasons that lead to a large number of filed complaints, it is greatly important that a common internet user should be able to perform a basic speed test so he/she can find the root of the problem.

How Does Internet Speed Test Work?

Testing the download and upload speed of your internet is not at all difficult anymore. Once you open the internet speed test website or tool, you can follow the below listed easy-to-understand steps to check the status of your internet.

  1. Open the speed test website (URL) on your browser.
  2. You will find a call-to-action button on the main page (E. g. Go, Start).
  3. All you need to do now is click on the button.
  4. The speed testing tool will now analyze your internet for Downloading and Uploading speeds.
  5. Once, the loading is complete, you will be able to see the current speed of your internet on the web page.
Can the Speed Test Tool Improve Internet Speed?

For all the internet users who ask this very important question, the answer is no. As the name suggests, the speed testing tool only allows the internet users to check the downloading and uploading speed of their internet connection. Although users can try some basic troubleshooting habits like restarting the internet device, they will have to contact their internet service provider (ISP) to get the problem sorted.

Moreover, if the speed test shows that your internet speed is fine, you may need to try loading a couple of other websites to see if the loading time is less. Apart from this, you can also try switching to a different browser on your computer and compare the loading time with the one you are already using.