ptcl speed test

PTCL Speed test

Facing slow internet speed issues is very common now a days. Whether you are working on an important task, or socializing through your apps; a slow internet connection can definitely frustrate you. In today’s time, most of the businesses and social activities involve a dominating dependence on internet. Let’s face it! Internet has become equally important as eating and sleeping.

In Pakistan, internet connectivity problems are often a hot topic for discussion. The primary reason behind it is the poorly spread network in several areas of the country. Despite the stable internet connection, many users face a lackluster internet performance that leads them to frustration.

Here are some of the commonly reported internet speed complaints that most users in the country make.

Paying High Charges for a Slow Working Internet

The most common frustrating reason encountered by ISPs in Pakistan is the poor internet performance against high monthly charges. Quite often, internet surfers and online mobile gamers take the anger out at their ISPs. However, oftentimes they are not to be blamed. Many internet users are unfamiliar with the technicalities involved in enabling a smooth and speedy internet connection.

It is greatly recommended to understand the non-technical details of how an internet connection works. To do this, there are several smart tools and websites available on the internet to analyze the status of your internet connection with just a click.

Poor or Fluctuating Signal Strength

Have you ever encountered a situation where you suffered on your browsing because of poor signal strength in your area? If yes, you are not alone. This is one of the highlighting reasons for all the frustration most users deal with. We understand the trouble that you might have gone through to deal with it. For one reason or the other, the internet speed test website helps you a great deal in checking the status of your internet when you like.

All you need to do is to open an internet speed testing website on your browser and follow the easy-to-use instructions. With the help of this tool, you can quickly check the speed status of your internet connection.

Here’s how you can use the speed testing tool!

  1. Open the PTCL speed test website (URL) on your browser.
  2. You will find a call-to-action button on the main page (E. g. Go, Start).
  3. All you need to do now is click on the button.
  4. The speed testing tool will now analyze your internet for Downloading and Uploading speeds.
  5. Once, the loading is complete, you will be able to see the current speed of your internet on the web page.

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