PTCL Speed Test

In the digitalized era of today, it goes without saying that the internet has become equally important as food and air. Whether you are at your workplace or browsing social apps at your home; you need a flawless internet connection. Keeping in view the internet situation in Pakistan, it is a usual practice of most users to reach out to their ISPs for troubleshooting complaints. However, many internet users in the country have little knowledge about the technicalities involved in a typical internet connection. Tes your connection with our PTCL Speed Test now and see if your internet is working perfectly. 

The overly increasing number of internet complaints in the country has highlighted a major problem. Many internet users do not possess basic troubleshooting skills to improve the status of their internet connection. More often than not, there are several issues hindering the performance of the internet at the users’ end. In such cases, the ISPs fail to provide any practical assistance to solve the problem. However, to facilitate internet users in the country, there are several tools designed to analyze the performance of an internet connection.

Internet Speed Test Tool

When the internet connection slows down, the most basic step that internet users can take is checking the speed of their internet. Although many broadband users are familiar with the tool, the handy speed test is still new for several users who like to stay away from technicalities.

The internet speed testing tool allows users to check the status of their internet speed (download and upload) in just a matter of a click. If you ever get caught in the worry of slowed down internet speed, you can simply open a speed test website on your browser and check the current speed of your connection.

How is it Helpful?

The speed testing tool provides a fair insight of your internet connection speed at the exact time when you check it. It often happens that internet users call their ISPs to check the problem with their internet connection. However, it is greatly important to first check the speed of the connection at users’ end.

This will not only save users’ time and ISPs hassle, but also keep the users up-to-date with their internet performance throughout the daily usage.

The process is simple and very quick so more and more users can develop familiarity with it.   

Before you reach out to your ISP, a simple speed test may help you sort out some of the basic problems you can deal with by yourself.

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